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Welcome to our website.

We are pleased to present our company and our portfolio of products and services to you. For more than 40 years we have been producing micro-optics of the highest quality in accordance to our customer’s requirements.

As a family enterprise we have the flexibility to be able to respond to your special needs.

Thus the company can offer you:

    • Personal contact with our customers
    • Flexibility with regard to your special requirements
    • Reliability and loyality
    • Highest quality of our products
    • Attractive pricing of our products

Our long-standing business relations with our customers prove that these expectations in our performance are being fulfilled.

Peil Optik GmbH       Hegebachweg 45       35619 Braunfels       Tel: +49 6442 5454       Fax.: +49 6442 5358       E-mail: info@peil-optik.de