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“Quality must be produced, it cannot be tested into existence.”
In German: “Qualitaet muss produziert werden, sie kann nicht herbeigeprueft werden.”
(Quote from Werner Niefen, German top-manager)

The outstanding criteria of our product is quality.

From the onset of the production process, intermediate checks are carried out in order to prevent the occurrence of problems. A policy of zero faults applies. Thus we are able to aim for achieving reproducible accuracy of the end product.

Before leaving the production line the surface accuracy of all single lenses will be controlled using interferometers.

With the use of autocollimaters during the cementing of the lenses, we are able to guarantee the highest accuracy and minimum deviations from the given specifications.

During our conscientious final control the customer’s requirements and specifications will be strictly followed.

This results in additional savings for you by reducing your expenditures in money and time on acceptance testing and quality control.

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